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Earn a passive income with Affiliate Program promoting iCompliance software & marketplace

iCompliance appreciate our affiliates by sharing with them revenues whenever they bring a Lead which is ready to sign a contract with iCompliance. iCompliance software is great opportunity for affiliates to promote licenses and get money against their efforts.

iCompliance marketplace offers end-to-end solutions and affiliate get paid on each unit sold in marketplace. For example affiliate is paid for each seat in learning journey, each man day in cosulting, each certificate in certification and similarly other services in marketplace.

Start your money making journey today. Whether you are a free-lancer or salaried person or student willing to earn additional income, we welcome you to iCompliance Affiliate Program. Join us Today.

How to join the Affliliate Program?

When economies are in trouble, there is direct impact on individual's earnings. Everyone care for more money to fulfill their desires. iCompliance affiliate program gives you opportunity to make money by identifying Leads that may need iCompliance software or any solution from marketplace. The process to join is very simple. Affiliate fill in the form and receive email link to validate his/her email. And next step after validation you receive a affiliate unique code which make him/her eligible to claim. Once the payment is received by iCompliance, we transfer your share to your bank account.

Step 1

Register to the
Affiliate Program

Step 2

Receive unique Affiliate code and provide your account details

Step 3

Relax and see dollars
filling your wallet
How it Works and Benefits

Promoting iCompliance brings a lot of benefits including handsome commissions


iCompliance - Lead Registration

On each time a Lead signs-up with us with your unique affiliate code(UAC), we shall inform you on email.

Commissions for Monthly Renewals or One-time Purchases

You will be eligible for a recurring commission of 5% of the monthly recurring revenue payable if a Lead becomes a payable iCompliance customer as per agreed terms and conditions.


Commissions for Annual Subscription

You will be eligible for a 10% commission of the annual recurring revenue payable if a Lead becomes a paying customer with us and subscription payment upfront for upto a year.

General FAQ

  • Who is eligible to become a iCompliance Affiliate?
    Anybody can become an affiliate with iCompliance and for that you don't need any prior experience.You can from day one start promoting and referring iCompliance software and marketplace solutions for example trainings, consulting, document kits, certification and more.
  • I’m interested. How do I signup?
    All you need to do is fill in your details here. You can start Today.
  • Is there any affiliation fee involved?
    There is no target and no affiliation fee. It's totally risk-free.
  • How can I upgrade from affiliate to a partner?
    Partnership program is well explained on partnership page. Please read partnership requirement and signup for relevant partner category. You can be affiliate and partner at the sametime.

Rewards FAQ

  • What are rewards for becoming iCompliance affiliate?
    You are paid 5% or 10% of the invoice value minus taxes or any other out of pocket expenses.
  • How much will be tranfered to my bank account?
    We will transfer 5% or 10% of the invoice value minus taxes or any other out of pocket expenses. iCompliance will deduct any bank transfer fee or currency charges or any other taxes or levies from amount payable to you. The proof of bank transfer fees or any other charges can be requested through email.
  • How you know the Lead is originated from you?
    The leads coming from your unique affiliate code are validated through our internal Lead qualification process to declare it as qualified lead. You will be notified by system generated email from our CRM.
  • What happens if same Lead is referred by two or more affiliates?
    Based on first-come-first-serve basis, the affiliate who's UAC is first registered by Lead will be considered most eligible for commission.

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