iCompliance Investor Relations

Investors trust iCompliance due to our track record of successful strategy executions positioning us for profitability & continued growth into the future

Customers need solutions for GRC(Governance, Risk, Compliance), ISO Management Systems and other best practices to run sustainable organization. iCompliance solutions and marketplace provide everything they need to identify and address their digital transformation requirements by highly value adding bussiness digitalization solutions

Our relentless efforts in introducing innovative digitalization solutions help us to position ourselves as in category leadership with iCompliance suite of softwares, web applications and cutting edge services in marketplace. All these results in achieving large and expanding market opportunities.

iCompliance is focused on defining the future of digital transformation and digital experiences for diverse segments of market in the world. We enable government sectors, private sectors including corporates, SMEs and Micro level companies as well as NGOs, students and research fellows. Investment in iCompliance is secure and profitable due to our track record of successful execution of our strategies and professionally managed organization based on corporate governance best practices.

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Financial Calendar

iCompliance quarterly earnings disclosure events occurs during first week of following quarter either via conference calls or investors briefing sessions. However the dates remain tentative due to operating calendar holidays, public holidays or any other such events.



Thursday, October 8, 2020

Q3 FY2020 earnings briefing sessions

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Q4 and FY2020 earnings briefing sessions

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Q1 and FY2021 earnings briefing sessions

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Q2 and FY2021 earnings briefing sessions

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Q3 and FY2021 earnings briefing sessions

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Q4 and FY2021 earnings briefing sessions
Investment Events and Presentations

iCompliance participates and speaks in multiple investment conferences and events. iCompliance may announce investor briefing events through direct notifications and the event speaker, date and time of presentation is indicated in notification. On-demand investor event presentations or webcasts or podcasts from archives are made available to authorised investors.

Date   Event   Location  
January 14, 2021 Year-end briefing video conference Virtual
July 15, 2021 Mid-year briefing video conference Virtual
Corporate Governance

How iCompliance Digitalization Solution is managed to protect investors interest


iCompliance has appointed Board of Directors who oversees the management of business including strategic decision making and performance monitoring. Chief Executive Officer in coordination with BoD takes business decision to manage day-to-day operations. iCompliance corporate governance practices and procedures acts as guideline for BoD and CEO to guard the interest of investors.

iCompliance corporate governance practices are focused on promoting ethical business practices and complete transparency which results into building trustworthy relations with stockholders, clients, management team and other stakeholders. You can learn more about our vision, mission and values which are guiding principles for our corporate governance successful implementation.


General FAQ

  • When is iCompliance fiscal year ends?
    iCompliance fiscal year ends on 31st day of December.
  • When do you have quarterly disclosures?
    Yes, during first week of following quarter our earning disclosures are available
  • How can I access past earnings releases ?
    You can submit request via email to investor-relations@iCompliance.online. The release of any document is subject to requestors entitlement and apporvals from compliance officer.

Venture Capital FAQ

  • How venture capitals invest in iCompliance?
    Venture capitals through their representatives can directly approach investor-relations@icompliance.online or signup. Upon approval from BoD and CEO, an onboarding presentation for potential VC or investor will be organized after signing of NDA. After successful completion of onboarding, VCs are required to submit intent for investment with all terms and conditions. Once appproved, from legal committee, investment proposal is forward to investment committee and that to BoD for approval. Once approved VC is onboarded and required actions are taken according to the investment contract.
  • What are opportunities for investment in iCompliance?
    Digital transformation in businesses is a truly big opportunity for iCompliance to sustain and grow in global governance, risks, compliance and ISO Management Systems softwares and services market. iCompliance is unique from any other GRC software providers as we provide all-in-one software and services platform. Our value proposition is really unmatched and have no parallels in today market.
  • Which level of VC funding is appropriate for iCompliance?
    Keeping iCompliance business track record and our user base and promising KPIs, we opt for Series-A funding in-order to further optimise our user base, product offerings and to scale up our market share across different countries globaly. Viability of iCompliance idea and our successful track record is key to motivating investors to invest in a successful and money-making business.
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