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iCompliance membership club is for everyone from anywhere and makes you a member of iCompliance family forever. This FREE membership is for those who are passionate professionals and forward-looking corporates who want to excel. Whether you are starting out or you need a helping hand or you want to grow your business or you want to enhance your career; iCompliance club membership is the right forum for you to join. Joining as member will give you bundle of benefits and privileges.

It's a polite way to say you "Thank You" and engage you for long term mutualy beneficial win-win sustainable relationship.

How to become a Member

It takes less than one minute to register as member

Step by Step guide to become a member in few seconds

Membership Benefits

Why companies and individuals join iCompliance Membership Club?


iCompliance - get surprises, offers & freebies

iCompliance members have access to super offers and exclusive discounts on selected softwares, trainings, consultancy and other services offered on marketplace

Webinars, Workshops and Events

iCompliance offers transfer of knowledge, skills, tips and tools to enlighten members with exclusive webinars, workshops and other knowledge sharing events.


A Friend in need, is A Friend indeed

Members get special support in their digital transformation journey by sharing their ideas and needs. Our non-profit social initiatives are available for members in crisis areas.

i-Club FAQ

  • What is i-Club Membership?
    i-Club is a free membership which is open to anyone from anywhere to join and become member of iCompliance family.
  • How do I reqister in i-Club?
    Registration in i-Club is free and you can register on Register as i-Club Member
  • Is i-Club membership for companies or individuals?
    i-Club/i-Star Membership is for companies as well as individuals.

i-Star FAQ

  • What is i-Star Membership?
    i-Star membership is an elite class of members who gets very special privileges. You can achieve i-Star status by two ways. 1. By achieving annual purchase value of USD 5000 on iCompliance licenses or marketplace 2. By paying USD 100 annual membership fee If your purchase value if less than USD 5000 then only you are required to pay USD 100 to maintain membership, otherwise annual membership fee is exempted
  • What are the benefits of i-Star Membership?
    There are special promotions available for iCompliance software, iScheduler is on half price, trainings seats are always on lowest tier/slot and other services on marketplace are highly rebated.
  • How a member is upgraded to i-Star?
    Once a member meet any of the two conditions mentioned in question number 1, is automatically notified by iCompliance club membership team of his enhanced status as i-Star.
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