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The quality of the raw factors depends on the quality of the end product. Thus all the products entering into the field must cover the basic inspection checks. The inspection task stuck in the following areas like an inspection at supply source, inspection at receipt of supplies, in-process and final inspection. Normally, Quality level always depends on the customer expectations, the number of resources available in the company. The receipt inspection is normally carrying out in two stages.

Stage 1:
The goods are entering into the premise in the form of packages. The store clerk or storeman fully check the products to count the number of packages, identification for marking and to detect any sign of damage or tampering. If the checking results from satisfaction, then the store man signs all the delivery receipt. If he found any corrections he will mark in the whole copies of the delivery challan. After that these packages are returning to the concern areas where they are open and inspection. Hereafter the products check with the purchase order or with the packaging slip received from the package. Likewise, The part number and the LOT no identify and the items are visually examining for any signs of damage. If the product is from reliable users, then it may undergo this simple step and the goods may be accepted at this stage released for further use.
Stage 2:
The second stage inspection is performing by inspectors of the quality control department. Inspection staffs are guiding to documenting the procedures. The second stage covers all the following activities.
1) Verification of vendor details, test certificate materials, drawings, specifications, and reference standards and purchase orders.
2) Visual inspections to detect damages or other quality issues.
3) Measuring, testing a sample or the entire batch on the basis of instruction.
4) Recording the test results and inspections.

If the goods received are satisfying with the above conditions, then it will store for further use. If it is not satisfying the criteria, it will send back to the purchasing department.

i-Inspect Features

i-Inspect is a application designed to assure achievement of process, product or service parameters agreed with customers or other stake holders. It allows organizations to conduct inspection at the right time and retain documented information for improvement

  • Facilitate companies from any sector to develop inspection schedules or conduct random inspections
  • Simple approach to documenting inspection checklist and inspection parameters list inline with inspection criteria
  • Ability to conduct inspections from any device at any time at anywhere. With simple approach to track and monitor inspections
  • Analyzing inspection results and trends to ensure timely corrective actions are taken
  • Ability to monitor and follow-up on inspection findings and standardizing inspection reporting of processes
  • Digital workflow covering creator, reviewer and approver of inspections
i-Inspect Application for ISO Management Systems

i-Inspect is important module to fulfill requirements for demonstrating conformity and compliance by conducting inspections in quality, health and safety, environment, food safety,and other management systems

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